You know you’re tired from night shift when…..

You call the NRMA when your keys and remote unlocking stop working, only to realise you’re at the wrong car.

You think no price is too high for a caffeinated beverage.

You find yourself getting teary watching schmaltzy commercials.

You find even the lamest jokes hysterical.

tired and bushed












You stare blankly at the TV remote wondering why it won’t turn on the air conditioner.

Your diet consists of sugar, sugar and more sugar.

You have read the same page of your book ten times, but still can’t remember what it said.

You contemplate how comfortable every surface would be for a nap, and then decide any would work.

You start seriously believing there is a mass conspiracy in your neighbourhood involving lawn mowers, power tools and barking dogs.








You go to leave the house and realise you’re still in your pyjamas.

You have ‘lathered, rinsed and repeated’ twice, but wonder if you have shampooed already.

You spend 15 minutes looking for your shoes but find them already on your feet.

You resort to single syllables or just grunts as full sentences seem unbelievably hard to construct.












You ask the same question five minutes after someone has already answered you

You realise you have your shirt on inside-out after coming home from the shops

You find yourself singing along to Justin Bieber on the radio instead of changing the station.

You wonder why your cake hasn’t baked after an hour, and then notice the oven is turned off.








You are more excited about a potential nap time than any other plans for the month

You find the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge.

You start contemplating the existentialism of Angry Birds

You declare undying love for your bed, out loud.


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