Dealing with Death

While waiting for my registration, I am currently working as an Assistant in Nursing on an acute medical ward within the Central Coast Local Health District.  This ward sees mostly stroke and respiratory patients, and while not specifically palliative, it does regularly have patients needing end of life care.  On this ward a couple weeks […]

Farewelling University

After three years of lectures and tutorials, 832 hours of clinical placement and countless days of studying, I have finished my nursing degree at the University of Newcastle.  It is a strange feeling not to have another assignment to work on or exam to study for, to realise I have been deemed ready to practice […]

The Availability of Paracetamol

During my clinical placements this year, I have been shocked at the number of teenage girls admitted with paracetamol overdoses.  The majority of these admissions were self-harm incidents rather than actual suicide attempts.   Yet, it was only through prompt treatment, and some luck, that more of these girls didn’t lose their lives. Sadly, I did […]