How To Be A Successful Nurse

I was recently asked by my old university to give a speech on success and how I have achieved a little bit of success in my studies and nursing career to date.  Like a good student, I started with some research on what success actually meant. The Oxford dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of […]

The Little Things

Time and time again this year, I have realised it is the small things we do for our patients that can make the biggest difference in how they are feeling.  I’m not talking about improving clinical outcomes, but those little actions that reassure the patient and reduce the stress of a hospital visit. This week, […]

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Today, in temperatures heading towards 40°C, I took part in the Sydney Mud Run. Billed as more fun than hard-core, the mud run is 7km of running through obstacles, water and you guessed it – mud. Okay, admittedly, mine was much more of a mud meander than a run, but I still got in and […]

Dealing with Death

While waiting for my registration, I am currently working as an Assistant in Nursing on an acute medical ward within the Central Coast Local Health District.  This ward sees mostly stroke and respiratory patients, and while not specifically palliative, it does regularly have patients needing end of life care.  On this ward a couple weeks […]

Farewelling University

After three years of lectures and tutorials, 832 hours of clinical placement and countless days of studying, I have finished my nursing degree at the University of Newcastle.  It is a strange feeling not to have another assignment to work on or exam to study for, to realise I have been deemed ready to practice […]