Multicultural Nursing

When discussing multicultural health, the focus often remains on how we can safely care for patients from a wide variety of cultures.  However, just as important is acknowledging and respecting the cultures of our colleagues.  As nurses, we need to ensure our workplaces are culturally safe and this responsibility lies not only with healthcare executives […]

Healthy Aging – More than just the body

Recently, an elderly couple in England made international headlines when they called emergency services due to their loneliness. Officers from the Greater Manchester Police force responded to the call by making the couple a pot of tea and staying for a chat. Mr and Mrs Thompson, both in their 90s with poor health, stated “sometimes […]

Smart Nurses, Stupid Posts

The recent controversy and social media frenzy over comments made on the US TV show “The View” in regards to a Miss America contestant wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope”, have only served to highlight the common misconceptions that still surround nursing. However, a quick look through social media feeds reveal nurses feeding the outdated, negative stereotypes […]