Our Global Nursing Tribe

It’s easy to believe our nursing world exists only within our workplaces. Each speciality has their own dialect, cultures and traditions. Our colleagues become our community, and venturing to another ward seems like going to a foreign land. However, as you travel from ward to ward, or even country to country, you realise, nursing has […]

Wandering Hands

Tell me if this sounds familiar. I was transferring an older male patient, let’s call him Bill, to another ward. I had cared for Bill over the past two days and he had always been very nice with no hint of inappropriate behaviour. As I was helping him pack up his belongings, Bill said “if […]

Nursing Practice Standards

When nurses discuss ‘practice standards’ the focus is often clinical practice. However, these standards also refer to the NMBA Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia. These codes outline the “minimum standards for practice a professional person is expected to uphold both within and outside of professional domains in order to ensure the ‘good […]