Self-Care, just as important as patient care

In the past few years, there has been a much-needed push for nurses to be aware of and undertake self-care. However, the vast majority of this focuses on the before and after work periods.  Whilst the importance of self-care has been acknowledged, it remains a low priority during a nursing shift.  How many lunches have […]

Changing the culture, one shift at a time

Trying to change the culture of a workplace is one of the most difficult undertakings any leader will face.  For our frontline nurses, this task can seem beyond them and so, unfortunately, some negative cultures will remain unchallenged.  Cultures where nurses ‘eat their young’, bullying is rife, poor practice is silently condoned and the focus […]

Obesity and Judgement-Free Care

Caring for an obese patient can be challenging.  I do not mean this is a negative way.  However, it is important to acknowledge there are aspects of care which are more difficult.  Depending on their reason for admission and level of independence, they may require care that is physically demanding for the nurse or specialised […]